Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Exporters, have you or any of your fellow traders had any experiences submitted to the WTO and if so, what was the result? The promise of the WTO was to introduce transparency in trade negotiations, dispute settlement, reduction of trade barriers and a host of other trade-related issues.

Where and when will this paragon of institutions begin to reach its potential? Maybe you have the answer.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has a Trade Agreement Compliance Office. Have you ever contacted them or have your trade experiences been smooth as glass?

The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has responsibility for standards issues. Have you had problems where NIST might be of help?

These are a few of the issues that come to mind about global trade. Do any of them affect you or is your exporting life a bowl of cherries?

Please hit the comment button below and let us hear from you. We plan to get actively involved with the powers that be in Washington.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Voice for Small and Midsized U.S. Exporters

The problems you face today as an exporter are the same faced by exporters 30 years ago! The Executive and Legislative branches of our government didn't get it then and they don't get it now. Things aren't going to improve until YOU get involved - not with cash but with personal attention.

This SME Forum is the only place YOU can express your legitimate concerns and experiences in trying to compete in the global economy. It is a wake-up call for our leaders. Neither the Republican nor the Democrat leadership has provided you with the proper tools and support to help you be competitive. The Forum is a place for you to exchange information with your peers, and when the occasion calls for it, will result in a deluge of irate but informed emails and phone calls to those in Washington who have the authority to deal with our issues.

If you are willing to become involved, we can present a united front describing the issues that directly affect our business lives and the financial well being of the communities and country we love.

Recently, the WTO ruled in favor of the EU to impose high tarrifs on American agricultural products. The Saudis demand that your products be inspected by their agents at your expense, before they can be shipped. This is just one issue which makes us seem to be the world's "patsy" when it comes to trade.

Instead of politicians appointing unqualified cronies to be Secretaries or Administrators of departments that impact on your livelihood, we should be informed of the candidate's background before the appointment is made - and have an opportunity to express our opinions.

Until you speak out loudly and clearly, the politicians will continue down the same old path. We have given much to the world, but before we give them America, let's fight! Your input is vital, and the Internet makes it easy for you to express your needs as an International trade professional.

Let's have a dialogue through this blog site so we can deal effectively with Washnigton and our issues. Your response will be appreciated.