Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Congress is Finally Getting Off its ...

In July, the House passed H.R. 3283, "The U.S. Trade Enforcement Act", which was designed to address the issue of subsidies and increase trade enforcement. Now comes the next challenge: the Senate must be pressed to pass S.1421 which will complete the legislation.

If this bill comes before the Senate in September, as anticipated, we need to start now to let our senators know that passage is critical to our export businesses.

The Act will put money and muscle into our trade law enforcement and will allow U.S. countervailing duty laws to be applied against non-market economies such as China. Now it's up to you - yell - scream! Let Congress hear you!


Blogger Laurel Delaney said...

I vote for "The U.S. Trade Enforcement Act." Are you collecting votes to be passed along to the Senate?

1:30 PM  

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