Monday, August 28, 2006

USTR Sees China thru Rose Colored Glasses

Susan Schwab, United States Trade Representative, has stated that she would rather not take legal action on trade issues with China. Although Ms. Schwab has more than 20 years experience on trade issues, she assumes she can deal with the Chinese outside the WTO and achieve objectives favorable to the U.S.

This is pipe-dreaming! Anything short of an all out war won't budge the Chinese. The Bush Administration lives on another planet. Neither Bush I or Bush II has accomplished anything meaningful on trade. At least under Clinton, trade got a better shake.

Regarding China, Neal Asbury, an exporter and thinking American, has written several articles that are excellent regarding our trade relationship with China. He analyses how Chinese businessmen use their General Sun Tzu's military treatise, Art of War, as sound theory for doing business. To read more, go to To the Point News


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