Friday, September 29, 2006

The Reckoning - What an Apt Title

In 1985, David Halberstam wrote "The Reckoning" - an incisive book on the life of Henry Ford. This patriarch of the Ford family and a giant of American industrial revolution was a man for his time who stayed too long.

Mr. Halberstam gave us a look into the auto industry's past and insights into what he saw as the future. What he predicted in 1985 has arrived. As an industry, it had all the advantages of scale, tehnology, marketing and financing to insure its legacy through the 21st century. As we can see by today's headlines, the U.S. auto industry is going the way of the dinosaur. It will survive - but under new ownership and management. This is the clear result of focus, dedication and hard work of the Japanese - as well as the total stupidity and shortsightedness of our priviledged class of automakers and greedy unions.

The lessons and excesses of the past have caught up with us. First steel, now oil and autos, with a myriad of lesser industries and products finding more friendly havens for growth and opportunity than the U.S. will offer. We have been blessed like no other peoples, but by neglect, greed and laziness, we have committed suicide over and over again.

America the "SuperPower" that doesn't meet its oil, steel and manufacturing needs and is the largest debtor nation in the world will not last much longer as a Super Power. Are the politicians to blame or are we, the citizens of this incredible country to blame? It's wake-up time, America!!


Blogger Ed S. Benhoff said...

Apt title is perhaps an understatement. They say that empires self detruct after about 200 years and it looks like that's what's hapening to our country. As is said, greed on many sides and major complacency by the majority leads us only into a great downward spiral and it has to stop. Poor corporate mgmt, unions, and rotten politicians make for nothing but disaster SOON.

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