Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Doha Round -The Chink in the Armor Keeps Growing

USTR Susan Schwab says the WTO talks are in a "resuscitation stage". This in a speech yesterday reported by Doug Palmer, Reuters.

The talks are dead, and with the elections here in doubt, the President will never get trade negotiation authority renewed. Where do you go from there?

Tom Donahoe, President of the U.S. Chamber, has commented on the U.S. falling to #6 in World Competitiveness. With all the molasses that U.S. businesses have to crawl through, we're lucky to be there. As long as politicians continue to feather their own nests or pet projects, American competitiveness will continue to suffer. Donahoe has some excellent points in his commentary, but the American people have the biggest stake in the outcome - and the ignorance level is very high.

How many times can you say, "Wake up, America"!


Blogger Ed S. Benhoff said...

Marty, the US public will remain clueless unless therere is some way to get the word out. That's very difficult when people don't care, know, or even wonder what's happening. Papers could help a lot but maybe have to put things in form of comics so peopls can understand. Or maybe a good TV thriller with sex and shootings to tell the story. Who knows but keep trying. - Ed

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